Complete solution for packaging of shredded cheese

Complete solution for packing grated cheese with automatic vertical bagger

The packaging line begins with a cheese grater whose result is sent to feed the tumbler that makes the mixture so that the product does not become compacted.

The product rises towards the combination multi-head weigher that performs the necessary doses for each bag of grated cheese.

Both the multiweigher and the vertical bagger are flexible and have been designed to work with different bag formats and doses.

The installation has an automatic destacker of empty plastic crates to feed the robotized case packing cell.

After case packing, an automatic crate stacking is carried out for which it is essential that previously the bar closure is done, which is also done automatically inline.

The case packing cell receives both the bags of grated cheese and the empty crates. Case packing is performed by a robot, forming the mosaic of bags according to the dimensions of bag and cratex.

Just after case packing and before stacking, a labeler intregated in line labels each plastic crate with the identification data corresponding to the product in production.