TS 1000 traysealer

Automatic traysealing machine for all kind of preformed steady trays. Can make modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum packing. Tray transport system with arms. Suitable machine for integration in process automation with high production speed with high performance level.

New tray sealing TS 1000 machine for food-product packaging in previously formed trays.

Specially for high throughput lines capabilities and applications that need (tray-product) accurate control of their movements.

Main technical features:

  • High performance machine.
  • Hygienic design and fully stainless steel.
  • Sealing area: 300 x 1020 mm.
  • Max tray Height: 120 mm.
  • Die lifting system: motor-gearbox (3kw) and two levers.
  • Die Open /Closing arms and transfer of tray: Servomotor.
  • Sealing: Pneumatic, pressure 9000 Kg. a 7 bar.
  • Die change: quick and easy change without tools and with die/bell positioning detectors.
  • Transfer of trays to mould and tray positioning: belt with motorised drum.
  • Tray exit: policord strap with motorised drum.
  • Gas pressure control by panel (recordable), 25litres gas store tank.
  • Reel-Holder: Pneumatic grip.
  • Film end mechanical sensor and film break detector.
  • Film tension control: adjustable by panel control.
  • Special Compartment for the 300 m3/h vacuum pump (below exit belt).
  • Centralized lubrication system.
  • Touch sreen and control: Industrial PC with graphic screen.