Our added value

We have our own technology centre, ULMA Packaging Technological Centre, where over 100 engineers work and cooperate on various research projects. This is a 6,500 m2 technological complex that serves as a technology incubator for the development of new business lines and systems related to the world of packaging.

The work performed in the centre includes:

  • The development of new products and applications resulting from research into new technologies (technological innovation).
  • Promoting the creation of new technology-based companies that can create products to be included in the value chain for packaging processes.
  • Technical advice and technology outreach activities.
  • Training activities for technical and specialised staff from the centre and for newly-created companies (knowledge development).

The work of the centre's scientific and technical staff falls into the following areas of technology:

  1. Machine dynamics
  2. Advanced designs
  3. Packaging and preservation technologies
  4. Film machinability
  5. Adjustment and control
  6. Robotics and vision
Innovation for our customers. The purpose of the work that ULMA Packaging does is to offer our customers added value. We are aware that this value has to be underpinned by continuous innovation. We carry out research into innovation with the aim of developing solutions that improve our services and produce tangible benefits for our customers. The extensive knowledge of the market that we have gained over the years, combined with our highly-qualified team, ensures technology of the highest standard and design at a competitive price.
Reliability and efficiency
Our innovation efforts have made us one of the world's top manufacturers of high-quality packaging systems with a high level of reliability. Our manufacturing processes have approved quality procedures that ensure an outstanding result for the overall availability of machines. All of our machines are CE-certified. We have our own production centre used exclusively to manufacture stainless steel parts.
Quality guaranteed: healthy and nutritional food
In ULMA Packaging we know that packaging is essential for ensuring food safety. So we maintain the highest degree of commitment and care when designing each and every one of our systems. Our machines have the most advanced packaging techniques, so that the product retains all of its properties when it is consumed. They have hygienic designs to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt and they are designed to be easy to clean.
Industry 4.0
In ULMA Packaging we continuously work to develop new machines and packaging with new features. We strive to meet the growing demand for integrated solutions and advanced production systems. The products that we develop under Industry 4.0 are in line with the major industry trends: efficient productions, real-time transfer of information about production, improved connectivity and the analysis of production data.

To allow us to offer comprehensive solutions and improve the efficiency and reliability of our products, in ULMA Packaging we work on a wide range of collaborative projects that result in positive synergies for all involved.

ULMA Packaging is involved in a packaging machinery development project that ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption. The project is part of the EEA-GRANTS programme, which promotes a bilateral partnership between Spain and Norway and features the participation of DOW Chemical.

ULMA Packaging shares its network of distributors with Rama to provide fully integrated and automated solutions for each packaging requirement. The RAMA catalogue includes forming and cartoning machines designed according to CE standards and manufactured using materials and components of the highest quality.

ULMA Packaging is taking part in collaboration projects with the US packaging company Sealed Air. Together, we design packaging systems that minimise film waste, provide cost savings and operational efficiency and improve sustainability.

Collaborating with Marel allows us to develop integrated systems that feature the most advanced food processing technologies for solutions used in the fresh food sector.

Our partnership with Markem-Imaje, a technology company that specialises in labelling and traceability solutions, allows us to add these features to our products.

Several of ULMA Packaging's modular and complete solutions feature state-of-the-art Anritsu systems for weight-checking, metal detection and X-ray inspections, with full traceability.

Technology stakeholders
ULMA Packaging Technological Centre, S.Coop. works closely with technology stakeholders from the sector, companies, technology centres and universities from across the world, with which it carries out R&D projects.
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