Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance

Prevention is better than cure

At ULMA Packaging, we offer our customers different maintenance plans in order to ensure that all necessary adaptations and corrections are implemented on time, thus making our solutions even more reliable. This minimises or prevents unscheduled interruptions, increases the safety and reliability of the systems and reduces costs by extending the useful life of the systems and tools.

Personalised maintenance services.
We offer maintenance packages that are adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers. They include a predetermined number of visits per year, in which ULMA specialised technicians perform an exhaustive check of the entire installation, paying special attention to the state of each of its mechanisms, controls and safety devices.
Improvements and adaptations.
We offer modernisation and improvement services for the systems in order to adapt them to the changing production needs of our customers and to incorporate the latest technologies developed by our innovation team.
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