Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values

Creating our own identity through the three cornerstones of our work and management philosophy.

At ULMA Packaging, we are committed to not just offering the best solutions to our customers, but also to ensuring that we do this in the best way. That is why we place such importance on our mission, vision and values. Without forgetting, of course, the intrinsic values of the ULMA Group.

  • Cooperation
  • Participation
  • Innovation
  • Competitiveness


Meeting the packaging needs of our customers, offering sustainable and competitive solutions with maximum value and with a global approach, while guaranteeing proximity and a top-quality service.


To be the partner chosen to develop competitive and high-value packaging solutions, with an attractive business partner project involving committed and inspired people.


We understand and listen to the client's voice, we respond effectively and quickly to their needs and the commitments we make with them. All this with a friendly and intimate relation with all customers, without distinctions. Service, flexibility, availability and permanent customer service are our hallmarks.

Our spirit of improvement constantly pushes us to improve our products and services, both external and internal, in an agile and efficient way. We are proactive and enterprising, and we are committed to continuous learning for improvement at the individual and organizational level.

We are honest, clear and compliant. We interact openly and transparently, seeking to build relationships based on trust, that are lasting and mutually beneficial for the people who make up the group, our clients and allies.

The activity of our company has a worldwide presence; therefore, we must be interconnected with our customers, suppliers and partners, and develop an open mind to take advantage of all possible synergies anywhere in the world for the growth of our project.

We are a team in which closeness and respect are the basis of our relationship. We share a group vision and to achieve results we take as ours the decisions that prevail over the common good over particular interests. We all make sure that the partners feel taken care of and supported, and can grow and contribute their best.

We are aware that our current project is the inheritance of the effort and spirit of overcoming our predecessors; therefore, we assume the responsibility of making the socio-business Project solid, competitive and sustainable over time, so that it generates wealth for society and future generations.

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