Remote Services

Remote Services

The set of services and tools required by ULMA Packaging to give you remote support

ULMA Packaging is firmly committed to being close to its customers and it is available for them everywhere in the world, with a strong presence in over 60 countries, its own offices in 24 of them and an extensive network of distributors to provide local assistance.

With the aim of supporting its local networks and providing the best possible service to customers under the current circumstances where it is more difficult to travel, ULMA Packaging is offering its customers Remote Services, which is a set of services and tools designed by ULMA Packaging to provide them with remote support with optimal efficiency and security.

These services also give it greater flexibility to meet the schedule needs of its customers and reduce lead times and costs.

The most notable services of Remote Services are as follows:

FAT online

Using video conferencing software and streaming, ULMA Packaging allows its customers to carry out Factory Acceptance Tests. This real-time service allows the customers to check that the equipment and packaging process meet their specifications remotely and completely securely. High-resolution cameras are used to ensure that customers can check every necessary detail of their machines. Furthermore, the whole FAT is recorded so that it can be submitted with the documentation.

Remote access to the equipment

The remote access option is featured as standard with all equipment with UPC. This allows ULMA's technical experts to provide support securely and remotely, with online analysis and diagnostics of the situation and, if necessary, resolving any problems or installing updates to optimise the availability of the equipment.

Remote support

If there are any problems or faults, ULMA's technicians can share a camera and, completely securely, stream a video in real time and provide detailed support instructions in graphical form or give spoken instructions and even share documents. This allows support to be provided quickly and increases the availability of equipment and reduces costs.

Online SATs and commissioning

By using software and cameras in the customer's facilities, ULMA's technical experts can support Site Acceptance Tests remotely, providing instructions for the local technicians who are at the machine. The same tools can be used for the subsequent commissioning of the equipment in optimal conditions, according to the customer's requirements, and they can even be used to train their staff on how to use the equipment.

Remote training

Various remote tools allow ULMA to train its customers' staff who operate the equipment and perform maintenance work.

In addition to the above services, ULMA Packaging also offers its customers support in various situations in which Remote Services is extremely helpful. They include remote support provided to make adjustments to their equipment to meet the needs of new packaging formats. These remote access and support tools are perfect for meeting these types of needs where customers require expert assistance.

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