Highly-qualified and committed staff

The history of ULMA Packaging, and the group of which it is part, has been underpinned by a culture that is based on cooperative values, strongly marked by how we reward hard work and a sense of belonging to a supportive community with a shared project.

Our policy of continuous improvement and talent management has ensured that we have a highly-qualified team, enabling us to provide highly reliable and efficient packaging solutions.

In ULMA we offer our employees training and professional development opportunities in an environment that prioritises health and safety in the workplace and staff motivation.

People are considered vital in ULMA, so we continuously strive to improve talent and leadership skills. The company's ambitious growth strategy presents opportunities but also challenges, so it is essential to assess how to maintain the enthusiasm and motivation of our team, offering an appealing project in order to attract and retain talent. Our Human Resources policy focuses on designing specific strategies that are aimed at attracting people with specific profiles, bringing us closer to talent hotbeds and making further strides in continuous training and career trajectory development as a means of developing the talent in our organisation.
Strengthening the pride of belonging and commitment of our employees is vital. Therefore, we design and develop internal communication policies and tools to allow us to instil the values of the organisation and acknowledge the commitment made by people from an overall perspective.
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