Automated packaging solutions for frozen hamburgers

We will show two automated solutions for primary and secondary packaging with different primary formats (single, duplo, stacks, strings ...) and secondary packaging in plastic and carboard boxes.

Date: 21st July 2021
First session: 10 AM *
Second session: 2:30 PM *
* Central European Time (CET)


Sustainable packaging solutions for biscuits and snack bars

We will show two high-performance flow pack packaging lines with different loading and feeding automation systems, primary packaging, the smart label system multipack and the automatic case packer for unitary packages into cardboard boxes.

Dates: 7th and 21st April 2021
First session:
10:00 AM *
Second session: 4:00 AM *
* Central European Time (CET)


Tight-ChickenTM: an innovative leak-proof and fully-hygienic packaging solution for whole chicken

Tight-ChickenTM ensures that the bag fits the product like a second skin, completely eliminating the risk of leaks and ensuring that the product arrives at stores in compliance with the applicable hygiene regulations. Thanks to this innovative solution, we offer a system based on the Tight-BagTM concept to our customers in the poultry sector; this system extracts air with no need for perforating the packaging, reducing the amount of plastic used, cutting the cost of labour and achieving a safer and more appealing product.

Date: 25th February 2021
First session:
8:30 AM *
* Central European Time (CET)

Date: 26th February 2021
Second session: 10 AM *
Third session: 4 PM *
* Central European Time (CET)


Complete solution for trayless minced meat processing and packaging

This minced meat processing and packaging line is the result of the collaboration between Handtmann and ULMA Packaging, where Handtmann provides the solution for the production, portioning and weighing of the meat and ULMA provides the packaging and metal detection solution.

Date: 9th December 2020
First session: 10 AM *
Second session: 4 PM *
* Central European Time (CET)