Digital solutions

Digital solutions

Monitoring, efficiency analysis and optimisation


Increase the efficiency of your packaging lines


The digitalisation of production processes (Industry 4.0) boosts competitiveness across the industry. System connectivity makes it possible to monitor, control and optimise the production and maintenance tasks of equipment.

ULMA's solutions have been designed to be integrated into the smart factory environment's network. They are equipped to collect real-time data and their monitoring and analysis tools make it possible to optimise the efficiency and profitability of packaging lines.

Smart Machines

Smart Service

ULMA equips its solutions with proprietary tools for OEE monitoring, energy consumption and preventive maintenance, among other things, to help facilitate the analysis of the equipment's total cost of ownership (TCO).


» OEE measurement
» Integration with SCADA / MES / ERP
» Consumption analysis
» Document accessibility
» Preventive maintenance

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