Sustainability report

Sustainability report

Our commitment to sustainability

Social responsibility and sustainability have always been at the core of our business, so in 2019, we concluded the process of developing our sustainability strategy by identifying our material issues. This has allowed us to understand and promote the most important issues in order to carry out our business responsibly.

In line with our responsible and sustainable approach, we have focused our technological  development on facilitating the path towards an increasingly circular production model.

We have improved the entire packaging life cycle and ensured that are our solutions meet all of our customers’ requirements: they are energy efficient, easy to adapt to new materials and they produce high-quality packaging that preserves products better and for longer.

Our machines are equipped to work with the most challenging materials required by our customers - including materials with a greater capacity to be reused and recycled - and to produce packaging that ensures the hygiene and long shelf life of the products and meets the demands of the market.


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