#ULMAweCare: sustainable packaging

#ULMAweCare: sustainable packaging

Sustainability. Eco-friendly technologies and materials.

ULMA Packaging is fully aware of the increasing use of plastic over the last 50 years, and of the undeniable impact abandoned plastic waste has on the environment.

Our society has long been anchored in a waste-generating linear production and consumption model. This model is destined to disappear and be replaced by a Circular Economy model in which waste is treated as a recoverable resource.

ULMA Packaging is aligned with this change of direction, and, fully aware of its position of responsibility in the sector, is working to ensure its contribution to society goes beyond just regulatory recommendations and becomes an inspiration to our customers.

That is why we launched the #ULMAweCare project a few years ago.

#ULMAweCare is an ambitious sustainability plan that aims to achieve a circular economy across the board. #ULMAweCare covers several research and development areas, pursuing innovation in sustainable designs and applications throughout our packaging machine range. ULMA Packaging Technological Center has a team of over 50 engineers working on a range of technologies and applications to improve sustainability through innovation.

Our challenge: "To reduce the impact of the linear economy culture by mitigating the overall impact of plastic packaging, maintaining preservation properties and avoiding food waste at all times".

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