Comprehensive solution to bakery product box packing needs in the United Kingdom

Dec 12, 2017

ULMA Packaging has developed an ambitious project including the installation of 9 box packing lines in 4 of the plants of one of the biggest producers of bakery products in the United Kingdom. The client wanted to automate the box packing of its packets of products in various plants, so it wanted a partner that could meet its technical needs and service requirements.

The solution developed by ULMA Packaging meets the need to load flow packs of bakery products into plastic boxes. The lines that were installed work 6 days a week over 3 shifts, at an average speed of 50 ppm, with the added difficulty that the plants had very little space to automate box packing. To solve this problem ULMA Packaging adapted the box packing machines to each plant.

By overcoming this challenge, ULMA Packaging has enabled the client to automate a critical process to optimise the distribution of its products. The overall assessment of the project has been highly positive. After initially proposing to sell 2 box packing machines, we ended up installing 9 units, meeting the client's need with custom solutions.