Fincas Bethengara chooses ULMA Packaging for the automation of herb and sprout packaging with the Venturi™ system

Oct 19, 2021
Fincas Bethengara, a cooperative society engaged in farming in the south of Tenerife has added a VTI 440 vertical packaging machine to its production line, allowing it to increase productivity and efficiency.

ULMA's solution consists of a feed and inspection belt which is operated with a single operator, a VTI 440 vertical packaging machine with high production efficiency and a high performance weighing system.

The main aim of the project was to increase productivity and, in the words of Ivan Bethencourt, CEO of Fincas Bethengara, “productivity has tripled with the same level of staff”. This has led to an output of up to 60 bags per minute.

In addition to the increase in output, another of the project's key elements has been the reduction in product waste. According to Bethencourt, “we've not only increased productivity in the plant. We used to waste 30% of our product; now it's 4%”. The VTI 440 packaging machine makes it possible to handle much tenderer sprouts, resulting in savings. Shorter ripening times and less stalk waste, resulting in more agile and efficient collection in the field.

It is also worth noting ULMA Packaging's commitment to sustainability through innovation, as this system makes it possible to reduce the use of film by 20%. The patented Venturi™ system allows the product to be placed in the bag without damaging it, thus resulting in smaller packages.

In short, the productivity targets set by the customer have been far exceeded and the working conditions have been improved with a sustainable packaging solution that protects the environment by reducing packaging materials.

Once again, ULMA Packaging has become a trusted partner and the relationship between Fincas Bethengara and ULMA has proved to be a success.