Hochland chooses ULMA Packaging to add a compact, high-output packaging line to package grated and powdered cheese

Feb 20, 2024
Hochland Española, which specialises in processed and grated cheese, was established in 1981 as part of an initiative by two family-run business groups: Hochland and TGT. The Hochland Group, which is from Germany and has been operating for almost a century, is one of the largest cheese producers in Europe. The TGT Group was founded in 1963 and is now Spain's leading company in the cheese industry.


Hochland got in touch with ULMA Packaging because it wanted to increase the packaging capacity of its grated and powdered cheese line, while maintaining its efficiency and occupying a small space in its facilities.

The main challenge was the need to incorporate a high-output packaging line into a small space, without sacrificing the efficiency and quality of the process.


ULMA Packaging took on the project by proposing an innovative and efficient solution. The key was to install two VTC 828 R vertical wrappers arranged in a "twin" configuration, side by side. This arrangement made it possible to make the best use of the available space, achieving a high output of 140 packs per minute: 70 packs per minute per machine.

The VTC 828 R vertical wrappers were chosen because of their high output and their flexibility, which allows them to operate synchronously or asynchronously, ensuring a continuous and efficient flow in the packaging process. The machines are able to operate synchronously or separately, depending on the output required for the product being packaged.

ULMA's solution not only addressed the space problem, but also optimised operational efficiency and ensured compliance with the quality standards required by Hochland.

Another reason for the success of ULMA's vertical packaging machines was the ease with which format changes can be carried out quickly and ergonomically. This resulted in greater operational agility, reducing downtime and optimising the overall productivity of the packaging line.


The implementation of this project exceeded Hochland's expectations. The output of 140 packs per minute in a small space led to a dramatic increase in packaging capacity, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs.

The "twin" arrangement of the vertical packaging machines, together with the customisation of the entire line, proved to be the most suitable option to overcome the space constraints, allowing Hochland to make the best possible use of its facilities.

This success story once again highlights ULMA's ability to offer customised and efficient packaging solutions that are boosting growth and innovation in the food industry.