Moyca Grapes chooses ULMA Packaging to increase its packaging capacity

Oct 04, 2023
The Murcian company, a leader in grape production, has incorporated new TSA 875 P traysealers.

Moyca Grapes is one of the leading domestic and global grape producers, with an output of around 70,000 tons per year. It has 6 processing and packaging centres equipped with cutting-edge technology, with a processing capacity of 750,000 kg per day.

Moyca came to ULMA Packaging with the aim of increasing the packaging capacity in its various centres and making its production lines more efficient. After carefully analysing the customer's requirements, ULMA Packaging designed and implemented a custom-made solution.

Custom Packaging Solution

In this case, the solution recommended by ULMA was to add several TSA 875P traysealers to the existing production lines. With a packaging capacity of up to 150 trays per minute, adding these traysealers delivered precisely what the customer was looking for: robustness, efficiency and production capacity.

“The ease with which our traysealers can be integrated makes them the perfect accessory to increase the packaging capacity of our customers” remarked Iban Mugarza, Product Manager of ULMA Packaging's traysealing line.

TSA P traysealer range

The TSA P range of automatic traysealers is specifically designed for packaging fruit and vegetables and to be integrated into high-output automatic lines. Additionally, the flexibility offered by these machines means that they can work with either plastic trays or cardboard trays and they can also work with a variety of cover materials such as plastic, paper or compostable materials.

This successful partnership has consolidated Moyca Grapes' position as a leader in the grape industry and further illustrates the value of technological innovation in agriculture and food packaging.