Muffato chooses ULMA Packaging to implement the primary packaging lines for fresh products in its new, modern processing centre

Dec 01, 2022
The number one company in the supermarket segment in Paraná state (Brazil) and the sixth biggest in the country, the MUFFATO Group purchased 10 ULMA thermoforming machines for their various products in their Fresh Food lines.

The Muffato Group is the only wholly domestically owned chain among the top companies in the sector, according to data from the Brazilian Supermarkets Association (Abras). With 80 stores between its retailers (Super Muffato) and wholesalers (Max Atacadista), five distribution centres and ten petrol stations, the Group has a history spanning 47 years, 19 thousand direct employees and it has also generated over 10 thousand indirect jobs. The network operates in 31 cities in Paraná and inside São Paulo.

Cutting-edge packaging technology and food safety

In his announcement, the CEO of Muffato Foods, Noroli do Nascimento, remarked that "in 2018 they had launched the project to implement a protein processing centre, seeking to provide their customers with food of the highest quality. From that moment, the Expansion Department began conducting extensive research into the domestic and global markets and it finally choose ULMA Packaging as a great partner for this business."

In the words of Mr Noroli, "ULMA Packaging offered a service of the highest quality, with its technological know-how in the fresh food market, providing technical solutions that significantly prolong the shelf life of products in stores. Another standout feature is its excellent technical support, making it the perfect partner for this major undertaking and, he remarked, he is sure that ULMA will be involved in the Group's upcoming projects."   

Luís Salustiano - Store Manager, commented that "the end result brought significant benefits for the store, optimising operating costs, making it possible to deliver an excellent service, which was very well received by end customers. There was a significant increase in demand for the store's products among customers due to their quality being assured and the mix of products provided." 

Thermoforming lines

The thermoforming packaging lines supplied by ULMA Packaging allow the cost of packaging material to be reduced, resulting in a better-priced final product with no loss of quality. The high standards of hygiene ensure a long shelf life for the entire range products. And there is no doubt that the packaging equipment supplied by ULMA Packaging plays a key role in achieving this result. The minimal residual oxygen content and high vacuum level achieved thanks to the carefully designed specifications of the equipment, prolong the shelf life without using preservatives that reduce the quality of the product. The 10 packaging lines supplied to the Muffato Group are used for the following products:

  • Sliced cheese line
  • Pizza line
  • Sandwich and pâté line
  • Beef and pork portion line
  • Chicken cut-up line
  • Salted and smoked food lines
  • Sliced and flaked cod line
  • Pepperoni sausage line
  • Minced meat line
  • Hamburger line
  • Cheese and sliced meat line

The end result of the project was excellent. The Muffato Group was able to meet the needs of both its stores and their customers, delivering quality, longer shelf lives and greater food safety, thanks to the support of its key technological partner: ULMA Packaging.