Complete solution for primary and multipack packaging of bars

Automatic line for primary packaging and multipack of bars with automatic packaging in a cardboard box

The rows distribution system distributes the naked product to the primary flow wrapping lines, transferring rows of product.

After being correctly orientated, the product are indexed to be wrapped at the high-performance flow wrapper.

The high speed flow pack machine wraps singles bars.

By means of a robotic cell, the flowpacked products are fed onto the multipack chain.

The robotic cell receives two streams of linear products making independent groupings of them.

Those groups are loaded automatically on the infeed conveyor of the packaging machine so that it performs the secondary packaging.

The automatic case erector is a multi-format equipment that supplies the case packing cell with formed and empty boxes.

The case packing cell receives the multipacks and groups them together to automatically fit them into the empty box. The multipack grouping is configurable and the format change is automatic, which gives great flexibility and efficiency to the case packer.

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