Complete line for packaging of frozen fish

Complete and automated line for the packaging of frozen fish fillets

The weighing system establishes the appropriate batch for the desired weigh. Thus, the elevator belt receives in each bucket the dose of product according to the specific weight of each bag.

The packing machine has an inclination of 45º to avoid product damage due to the fall by gravity. It performs bags of fish fillets that are received from the elevator belt.

A metal detector performs the inspection of each bag just after bagging in order to reject packages that contain some trace of metal.

The line consists of case erector for carton boxes, robotized case packing cell and box closing system. All perfectly integrated into the line so that the process is fully automatic.

Prior to palletizing, an inline integrated labeller adheres a label to each box.

The mechanical palletizer makes the boxes pallets to be later transported to the warehouse of finished product.

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