Complete solution for hamburger packaging

The complete automation solution of the packaging plant includes seven hamburger packaging lines.

Each packaging line includes an automatic tray denester device that feeds the infeed conveyor of the traysealer.

Each of the seven automatic traysealers are TSA models that are highly prepared for the hygienic conditions that require fresh product packaging plants. The packaging of hamburgers is done in trays that are hermetically sealed with controlled atmosphere (MAP).

The carton boxes in which traysealed packages are case packed, come in conveying belts and are distributed automatically to each of the lines.

Each of the seven lines are equipped with robotized case packing cells that are capable of forming required mosaics of trays. They are supplied by the transport and distribution systems of carton boxes.

At the exit, the workers collect the boxes with the trays to be stacked and to form the corresponding pallets.

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