Automated end-of-line solutions for traysealing machines

Nov 05, 2021
The TS case packer range is the ideal complement to the end-of-line of traysealing machines

Our case packing equipment for traysealers can be easily configured via an intuitive HMI, increasing system flexibility and allowing multiple case packing mosaics.

Reference changes, maintenance and cleaning are easy and quick to carry out, thus reducing machine downtime.

Our case packing range is composed three different models:

  • CP 100: Compact case packer for production speeds of up to 80 ppm with an optimum footprint.
  • CP 200: High speed case packer for production speeds ofup to 140 ppm with a great workrange.
  • CP 200 SM: Case packer for production speeds of up to 120 ppm for complex tray mosaics and configurations.


In addition to this, around the case packer, an ecosystem of different devices has been created that complements its functionality: case stacker/destacker, carton case former/sealer, plastic case openers, bale arm checkers, QC devices, etc., which allow us to offer fully automated & integrated solutions and turnkey projects.


If you need our help on case packing automation, don´t hesitate to contact us through our contact form.