Coronavirus: a french company performs two million tests per month packed with flow pack machines from ULMA Packaging

May 26, 2020
Two million Covid-19 detection tests per month: this is the production target set for July by the French company NG Biotech, which received funding of one million euros from the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

The small “all-in-one” plastic case pricks the fingertip, collects a drop of blood and analyzes it with reagents. “It will allow in just 15 minutes to detect if a person has been infected with the virus for only a few days and remains contagious, or if it has been, is cured and therefore immune.

ULMA packaging France has been working on the packaging project for these tests since 2017. “Events have been accelerated with the COVID 19 health crisis and it is not one machine that has been ordered but three to meet production needs” says Mister Milovan Stankov-Puges as CEO of NG-Biotech.

A test by NG Biotech
Packaging made with the flowpack FM 305 machine from ULMA Packaging

ULMA Packaging has been choosen for its advice to propose a solution and its responsiveness. The FM 305 model has been chosen as the packaging machine in particular for its flexibility of use, rapid format changes, productivity and speed, fully adapted to customer needs.

With all this, NG BIOTECH, in addition to reaching the production levels it was aiming for, has found in ULMA Packaging the trusted partner that provides support and flexibility.