FLOW-VAC® 35, vacuum packaging with barrier film for smoked and processed meats as well as cheese

Dec 05, 2008
ULMA FLOW-VAC® 35 is a totally automated system that does not require a significant investment, making it the ideal solution for small and medium sized producers.

ULMA Packaging presents the FLOW-VAC® 35, a machine that with a single barrier and shrink film creates a bag that is open on one end, loads the product inside it, and then vacuum packs it. A shrink wrap unit that prepares the package with an optimum presentation.

It creates completely airtight seals that avoid contamination in the sealing area.

The FLOW-VAC® 35 is designed to package smoked and processed meats, as well as cheese, in small consumption units with the company´s entire range of shrink wrap materials.  The machine is also ideal for packaging fresh pork and lamb meat.

The packaging materials have low, medium and high barrier properties; low and medium handling resistance; and are suitable for pasteurisation. They are available in smooth, continuous, and printed versions.

FLOW-VAC® 35 is a fully automated system that does not require a large investment, making it an ideal solution for small and medium sized producers.

This system provides better package sealing and presentation compared to other non-shrink-wrap materials.

The FLOW-VAC® 35 includes elements and systems that facilitate cleaning, resulting in a level of hygiene that surpasses the food industry´s strict standards.

The FLOW-VAC® 35 completes the range of FLOW-VAC® 45 and 55.