FR 305, Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS), for loose products with no tray

Feb 27, 2013
High performance HFFS flow pack wrapper with rotary jaws

ULMA Packaging's FR 305, its new horizontal flow pack wrapper (HFFS), is a machine that makes a three sealing pillow pack. It is a high-performance equipment, used in the bakery industry - cakes, cookies, chocolates, confectionery and sweet-, and for produce packaging.

For the packaging of fruits and vegetables, it has the advantage of being an "intermittent" model, ie, it adapts to products with variable size, without wasting wrapping film. It also packages loose products, without tray.

The FR 305 substitutes the previous family of bottom film rotary jaw packaging machines, adding to the experience, strength and proven reliability of the previous models, the latest technological developments.

The new FR 305 features all these characteristic strength, reliability, and operation simplicity of the ULMA machines, together with an ergonomic cantilever design that makes cleaning and sanitizing easier. Added to these well known characteristics of ULMA machines, the new model also features very high flexibility for the different format changeovers thanks to the state of the art industrial PC electronic platform.

All these features make the FR 305 the ideal machine that will fulfill the needs of customers requiring to pack irregular products or products that are difficult to transport.