Frozen fruit packaging by ULMA Packaging

Jun 11, 2015
Packed in a vertical wrapper (VFSS) making a three sealing pillow bag

Frozen fruit is a product with a growing interest in markets mainly for HORECA sectors (hotels, restaurants and catering) but also in the domestic scope. The pack showing in the picture offers the possibility to work with different doses adapted to customer needs. Printed film enhaces product presentation.

In the last period, ULMA has introduced innovative developments in its vertical wrappers (VFFS). These machines are designed to meet the stringent requirements, have the following characteristics:

  • Hygienic design prepared for harsh environments.
  • Allows changing format by one side. ULMA has patented this option for changing the forming tube by the side of the machine (usually the most accessible area of ​​for a VFFS machine).
  • Ease of use for the machine operator.
  • Fully accessible for maintenance and very low maintenance costs.
  • Control by industrial PC with better visibility to make setup while machine is running.
  • Double reel for automatic reel change. This option allows reel change without stopping the machine.

All this, always trying to get the best production parameters (OEE).

More information on vertical wrappers (VFFS) here.