High-quality doypacks with patented PLUS-CUT™ cutting system

Dec 21, 2023
Solution aimed at customers who require format versatility in a high-output vertical packaging machine capable of producing doypacks and pillow packs in the same wrapping machine.

The innovative smooth-cutting, bladeless technology called PLUS-CUT™ is patented by ULMA and is available in its vertical wrapper range to produce doypacks with an exceptional finish.


Main benefits

Features of this new cutting system include:

  • Appearance of packaging: doypacks with a premium finish.
  • Production efficiency: up to 80 packs/minute.
  • Low maintenance costs: it is a bladeless cutting system with a long service life.
  • Affordable packaging: packaging costs up to 50% lower than with preformed doypack pouches.
  • Packaging functionality: resealable zip system.


Sustainability benefits:

  • Cutting waste-free packaging. This saves 4 mm of film along the length of each pack.
  • Designed to work with sustainable, 100% recyclable, mono-material films.

Additional benefits

The wrapping machine also provides additional benefits:

  • Format flexibility: In addition to the doypack format, the wrapper is compatible with packets, pillow packs and traditional flat bottom gusset bags.
  • Quick and ergonomic format changes.

  • Wide range of optional features: washdown option, motorised settings that optimise OEE etc.

In short, doypacks produced with the PLUS-CUT™ cutting system offer packaging versatility and efficiency. With a premium look, high production efficiency and sustainability benefits, these vertical wrappers are highly flexible and provide quick, ergonomic format changes.

Feel free to contact our experts for more detailed information and discover how this technology can bring competitiveness to your packaging process.