New automatic traysealer TSA 680

Jun 18, 2014
High efficiency tray sealer

ULMA Packaging has recently launched its new high efficiency traysealer. It has also been designed with all the highest sanitization requirements.

This new TSA 680 traysealer model has been designed to be integrated in complete lines and it's main features are:

  • Maximum sealing area: 330 x 680 mm
  • Maximum tray height: 120 mm
  • Productivity:
    - Up to 14 cycles/min with vacuum/gas and residual oxygen < 0.3 %
    - Up to 16 cycles/min with vacuum/gas and residual oxygen < 1 %
    - Up to 20 cycles/min with cut/sealing.

The sealing process can be on one row (single-line) or in two rows (double-line) depending on the formats to be packaged.

The operational cost have been reduced achieving a 87.5% reduction of air consumption in relation to pneumatic system equipped machines.

This improved efficiency results in a cost reduction of 84% when compared to equivalent pneumatic models.

It also includes ULMA's own industrial PC-based control, the UPC, which allows to set a lot of parameters directly from the touch panel.

With this new model of automatic traysealer, ULMA has been positioned in the traysealing manufacturing market as a real alternative and reference to keep in mind.


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