New long life packaging of grapes without the use of sulphites

Nov 15, 2016
At this final stage of the season, the Fra.Va. Company has decided to adopt the microwave technology of FIT - Food & Innovative Technologies from Polignano a Mare (a province of Bari), for the packaging and preservation of grapes.

Fra.Va. Company, leader in Puglia for the production and commercialization of cherries and table grapes, became in 2014 the first to adopt a FIT system from 2 pallets, deciding to focus on preservation without sulphites (SO2) - cf. FreshPlaza of 20.01.2015.

The use of sulphites can actually alter the taste of the grapes, and often does not guarantee good preservation. Furthermore, the residue from high doses can cause a reaction to sensitive consumers who are intolerant to this allergen.

With the new ULMA packaging machinery installed in 2015, in addition to the flow pack baskets (500 and 1000 g.), the company is now able to pack both 30x40 and 30x50 formats with ease.

"This packaging and the entire FIT process, already approved by our customers, - explains Vito Valenzano, General Manager of Fra.Va. - enables us to naturally maintain the grapes over time and without any alteration to taste and appearance, and is proving to be very functional for the product's management during transport, handling in distribution, as well as on the shelves."


"This system, in fact, guarantees the preservation of the product throughout the supply chain, even after long breaks in the cold chain (over 24 hours), thus helping to dramatically reduce waste in retail, in consumers’ homes, as well as in our stores."

"The transparency of the material used - says Vito Valenzano - also facilitates the visual inspection of the product on arrival after a long journey, or after the period of retention/storage in cold storage. It is much easier to check the product's status before sending it to the distribution or for sale."

The future of Fra.Va. Company is certainly oriented towards presenting itself to customers and markets (EU and non-EU), as well as appreciating the intrinsic quality of the fruit Made in Italy, particularly its closeness to nature and the taste of its grapes.

Thanks to the innovations introduced by Fra.Va., the consumer can discover the typical taste of freshly picked fruit, and at the same time enjoy a genuine product that will safeguard their health and well-being.

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[Article's source: Freshplaza]