New TSA 875 HT traysealer for fresh products in high-sided trays

Nov 28, 2023
Specially designed for packaging large pieces of fresh products.

The standout feature of the new TSA 875 HT traysealer is its ability to accommodate trays up to 160 mm in height.

Optimal hygiene

All our models in the TSA range share washable designs that prevent the build-up of dirt, with transparent surfaces and areas that make cleaning easier.

This design provides unbeatable results in the food sector, especially for fresh food.

High speed

The TSA 875 HT offers output speeds that comfortably meet industry requirements.


  • Up to 16 cycles/minute in packaging with a protective atmosphere (MAP)
  • Up to 20 cycles/minute in cut/seal packaging

Sealing area

This model of traysealer has a sealing area of 330 x 875 mm, offering a wide range of possibilities for working with other tray formats.

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