Packaging solution for manufacturing non-refillable oil dispensers

Feb 18, 2014
Special equipment developed by ULMA Packaging

Before the enforcement of the Spanish Royal Decree 895/2013 , of November 15 , which states that olive oil available to consumers should be packaged and labeled properly and also provided in a packaging system that prevents container reuse once empty, ULMA Packaging developed an oil dispenser able to meet the new legal requirements.

Those are machines specially designed for this task, that require a low investment and have an optimum size for producing medium sized batches of single oil doses.

Two models of this kind of machines can be chosen. The machines manufacture either round top or square top containers.


Envase cuadrado y redondo monodosis aceite

  • Up to 80 packs/min.
  • Both types of packages are sealed with printed film for the correct identification of the product, displaying its features, brand  etc.
  • Easy to open package.
  • Possibility of printing the packaging date on the bottom of the container.
  • Possibility of automatic case packing into cardboard boxes.


TFS minidosis aceite con encajado automático