Two new websites of ULMA Packaging

Sep 17, 2013
ULMA Poland and GH-ULMA (Belgium and Netherlands) are incorporated into the growing internet presence of ULMA Packaging.

ULMA Packaging's web presence has made a new step and recently two new websites have been published: and

The first one is made ​​entirely in polish and the second, with the intention of covering Belgium and Holland, is available in french and dutch.

Both follow the aesthetics and structure of all ULMA Packaging's websites and is focused to show wide offer of packaging solutions categorized by industries so that potential customers can find the package that suits their needs.

The web also offers a complete catalog of machines and service information. Users can contact the company through multiple contact forms which are distributed throughout the web.

With these two new websites, ULMA Packaging has already 11 sites covering 10 different languages ​​which guarantees a solution for any potential customer who is looking for a custom pack.