ULMA drives its worldwide reference position at IFFA 2013

May 28, 2013
He was present at the largest gathering of technology for the meat industry worldwide with a unique portfolio of solutions in the market The company was present at the biggest trade fair in the world for processing, packaging and sales in the meat industry, with a unique portfolio of solutions in the market

The number and quality of the visits at the stand confirm the statement. These are proof of the pulse received by the company in a market like the meat industry where it has a wide and extensive experience.

As a supplier of packaging machines and complete systems, showed new developments specifically targeted to the sector. But it certainly was his wide portfolio of solutions that most astonished the visitor. According to this, the new industry brochures were published for the occasion.

Exposed facilities at stand

In the range of tray sealers, two machines were exhibited for medium and high productivity. The consolidated SCORPIUS 600 with a novel application for poultry products. It is a stretch film packaging that allows cutting of chicken with a minimum height tray.

Together, the new high-performance model TS 1000, was integrated into a complete line which automatically case packs trays into cardboard boxes and in plastic crates by the same robot. Flexible crase packing solution that minimizes space.


Within the family of flow pack wrappers (HFFS), the new machine FV 35 WASH DOWN was exhibited for the first time on the market. Design on the machine has been made based on USDA sanitation requirements. The vacuum packaging machine performs bag lengths automatically adapted to each product and is designed to evacuate all the water and dirt in the washing process. The installation was completed with a rotary vacuum chamber system of Cryovac, the VR 8620-14.

IFFA 2013

They also had very good reception the other two flow pack models: the new ARTIC SEAL SIDE for trays of sliced ​​products packing in modified atmosphere (MAP) that makes different types of reclosable packs that allow product to be consumed in portions and the FM 305, directed for sausages in MAP but may be packaged virtually any product that requires longer shelf life.

In the thermoforming section, you could see three different models that meet the most demanding hygiene requirements, working with different solutions for the meat industry.

The TFS 707, a high performance thermoformer for skin packaging with an extra lid film which allows labeling throughout the cap surface, the correct stacking of the trays, and as the incorporation of promotional items, ingredients etc. Product was loaded automatically by the new D12W. A hygienic design robot with a structure built in stainless steel and titanium which was equipped with a special gripper adapted to sanitary requirements.

On the other hand, a mid-range thermoformer, model TFS 300, which held packs with an ovenable film.

The third thermoforming model, the TFS 200 NFS, a novelty in the European market. It was a thermoformer for skin with a non forming bottom film. This makes the machine a perfect model the foodservice industry with a shelf life greater than the conventional vacuum.

IFFA 2013 (2)

Within the stand, the continuous vertical wrapping VTC 700 had a great presence. The dosing system was a Marel's multihead MHW-5114 after which the wrapper made a pillow pack of groupos of frozen products, meat or poultry.

Finally and completing so varied exhibition, was the GALAXY stretch film wrapper that packages trays of fresh products up to 60 trays per minute.

In short, a sample of the most widest range of packaging solutions offer that characterizes ULMA Packaging which complements by packaging automation which covers from load and unload a packaging machine right through to complete factory solutions providing turnkey automated production line.