ULMA Packaging continues to offer packaging solutions aimed at protecting people's health

Apr 23, 2020
ULMA Packaging is providing services to its customers in essential sectors, such as the food and medical/pharmaceutical industries, key to managing the global health alert that we are currently facing.

Today, in the midst of an unprecedented global health crisis, it is more important than ever for the goods and products that we use to be properly packaged. In the case of items from sectors more prone to contamination, such as the food industry - both fresh products and perishable goods - or medical/healthcare and pharmaceutical supplies, including items such as surgical masks, dressings and also many medicines, it is even more important for them to reach consumers properly packaged. For this entire industry to continue to operate with the maximum guarantee and level of safety, a proper packing and packaging process is necessary, which is why ULMA Packaging must continue providing services and solutions to its customers in those sectors, no longer for business reasons, but out of a sense of responsibility and commitment to society.

A proper packaging process provides numerous benefits in the current situation. On the one hand, packaging for food products helps to guarantee not just the safety and good condition of the food for the consumer, but also the hygiene and traceability of such items, meaning that the producer and seller of the food can be identified at all times. This aspect was vital in other health crises that we have faced recently, and in the one that we are currently experiencing, where the packaging used by producers must offer customers peace of mind that the food is free of contamination  and that it is complying with all of the regulations that apply to the food industry.

Food product packaging also helps to extend the shelf life of the products and minimise waste, helping to preserve them properly. And in terms of sustainability, studies show that in our society, 25% of food is wasted, producing 10% of greenhouse gases. Proper packaging therefore directly reduces the environmental impact and helps to protect our environment. Plastic waste must be properly managed once it has been discarded, placing it in the plastic container for it to be correctly processed. It is also important to remember that packaging can extend the shelf life of fresh products, thanks to the techniques and materials used in the packaging, specifically developed for this and the result of many years of hard work and investment in researching and developing the product. The controls and regulations that apply to the materials used in food packaging, which serve as a gas barrier, generating a protective atmosphere inside the packaging, are among the strictest in the sector, resulting in greater safety for the end consumer.

Another key sector in which product packaging is particularly important is the medical/pharmaceutical industry, where it is vital to offer sector professionals and end consumers a properly protected product, with all the necessary hygiene and quality guarantees, meaning that products can be transported safely and can be sold anywhere in the world. Dressings, surgical masks and medicines are delivered to users in compliance with the regulations and with all the necessary guarantees. Even the tests for detecting COVID-19 are sold packaged so that they can be used safely.

Today, more than ever, packaging has the essential and strategic function of protecting the product. And in this context, ULMA Packaging continues to serve its customers and provide services all over the world to those operating in essential sectors, in terms of the packaging of essential products. ULMA Packaging will continue to provide its after-sales service, developing packing and packaging solutions adapted to each customer and their needs, with the ultimate aim of protecting people's health. We are all in this together.