ULMA Packaging develops its own tray seal test system

Jun 19, 2014
UST is the name for the new seal test system based on artificial vision which checks the absence of elements and particles in the sealing area to guarantee the hermeticity.

This new system is the result of a the team work between new product's engineers at ULMA Packaging Technological Center and the line of Automation which considered essential to have this product in their portfolio as an element to be integrated into thermoforming and traysealing complete lines.

The system has an industrial PC based control, ULMA's UPC, which makes operation use easier and is able to store different parameters of each tray and product combination.

It's bases on artificial vision which captures images of all trays at speeds up to 80 packs/min with a sensitivity level of 1 mm2 . Once it detects a sealing with quality parameters out of those established by the customer, the tray is rejected automatically

Additionaly, is able to check labels on tray as well as their readibility.

UST screenshots