ULMA Packaging strengthens its presence in Southeast Asia with the opening of its own subsidiary in Thailand

Jun 03, 2019
With this operation, we are furthering our global ambitions, which have led to us being present in over 50 countries.

Since 1961 ULMA Packaging has been designing and developing packaging products and services, always innovating to provide solutions that meet our customers' needs. With an extensive catalogue, incorporating cutting-edge technologies, we have set ourselves apart in the market by offering a local and flexible service, demonstrating our ability to provide turnkey solutions. With a strong international focus, ULMA Packaging is a world reference in the design and manufacture of packaging systems, especially for fresh products in the demanding food industry. With this new operation, we are consolidating our expansion into new markets and, after nearly two decades of selling our products and services in Thailand through distributor companies, we have undertaken a new and important challenge by setting up our own subsidiary.

With this recent commercial venture, ULMA aims to offer its customers in this Southeast Asian country a more personalised service and a technical service tailored to the needs of each project. As remarked by Mikel Kortabitarte, Commercial Director of ULMA Packaging, “we decided to set up a business in Thailand as many of our customers were requesting a more hands-on service, and we wanted to offer the Thai industry a technical service of a higher standard”. The Thai market features a strong agri-food sector, with large local corporations that are global exporters of packaged food, and ULMA Packaging offers packaging solutions that are tailored to this powerful industry.

ULMA Packaging's priority is always to ensure outstanding operability and productivity for our customers, so it is important to try to be as close as possible to them in each of the markets in which the firm is present. The new subsidiary will offer local commercial advice, with our technical service ensuring that our equipment operates with maximum efficiency, to provide added value to the customers' businesses. ULMA Packaging acts as an extension of it customers' own teams and we excel due to our proximity and because we act swiftly and effectively. Not surprisingly, one of the cornerstones of the brand's strategies is to provide a high-quality, local and effective service to our customers.

The new subsidiary, located in Bangkok will be managed by Chuckkrit Apikul, who has joined ULMA with extensive experience in the sector. As noted by Mr Apikul, “the Thai market is extremely attractive for ULMA given its current size and strong potential for growth. We are very optimistic about the future of this new subsidiary, which we are sure will be a resounding success”.
ULMA Packaging's main challenge with this new operation is to ensure that we satisfy our current customers while also building their loyalty, as well as increasing our share of the market. The subsidiary will also allow us to undertake projects that are more technically complex and larger in scale. ULMA Packaging currently owns 22 subsidiaries across the world, thus furthering our global ambitions and our strategy to provide a local service to our customers.