Update your ULMA equipment through our range of adaptation services

Sep 29, 2020
We have a wide range of adaptation services to allow you to get the most out of your equipment

In ULMA Packaging we are aware of the numerous changes that the packaging industry is undergoing; continuous technological innovations in the processes and components used, new health and environmental standards and changing trends in the design of different packaging formats and the materials used can have a direct impact on the operating environment of machines and the way in which they work.

To address those needs for any machines that you have acquired, in addition to our technical support services, spare parts service, preventive maintenance and remote support service, ULMA Packaging's range of services include a wide variety of options for updating and upgrading your packaging equipment. We offer personalised services to meet the customer's needs, offered at prices that suit their requirements.

The various adaptations available include:


Adapting machines to package new formats

Adapting existing packaging equipment so that it can package more than one format.


Updating machines for new packaging applications

Updating the components installed in the equipment's initial configuration to enable new packaging applications.



Improving the appearance of the product once packaged

Additional systems that improve the product's appearance in the packaging.


Improving energy efficiency and reducing consumable items

Adapting parts of the packaging equipment to reduce power consumption and the number of consumables used.



Adaptations to increase the availability of the packaging equipment/line

Adapting parts of the packaging equipment to reduce uncontrolled stoppages and speed up tasks, thus increasing the machine's availability.

You can view the range of adaptations available for the different packaging lines by clicking on the picture of the relevant line.

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