FLORIDA flow pack wrapper (HFFS)

Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS) that makes a three sealing pillow pack with medium-high performance level.

As a leading packaging machinery manufacturer, ULMA is taking a step forward in providing an electronic motion control facility on its entire range of horizontal Flow-wrap machines.

In the new version of the FLORIDA, ULMA’s entry level Horizontal Form Fill and Seal machine, ,a fully electronic motion control system is included.

The main characteristics of its ergonomic design are quality construction and reliability, with easy cleaning and operation.

The FLORIDA suits a wide range of applications, and it is the ideal machine for a multitude of applications with small and medium size production requirements.


  • Cantilever construction which facilitates easy access for cleaning.
  • Left to Right operating direction.
  • Rotary cross sealing jaws.
  • 3 Pairs of rollers for longitudinal film pulling and sealing.
  • Self centring reel holder with a brake system.
  • Infeed conveyor 2 m / 6 1/2’ long.
  • Adjustable film folding box.
  • Machine parameter settings (bag length, pusher position) via the touch screen control.
  • Touch screen setting of machine parameters, visible operational status and error messages.

FLORIDA I Version for “BREAD”

  • Intermittent operation cross seal jaws specially designed for bakery and bread applications.
  • The bag length is regulated in line with the product length via a photoelectric sensor and a timer.
  • It is possible to change the sensitivity of the sensor for various films (cellulose or polypropylene).
  • Belt type infeed conveyor.


  • This version is specifically designed to pack groups of peppers in combination with a weigher. The machine is provided with intermittent operating cross seal jaws.
  • The Bag Length is regulated in accordance with the product length via a photoelectric sensor and a timer.
  • “No Product – No bag” function.
  • Infeed conveyor with one belt and two pushers specifically designed for peppers.
  • Automatic feeder for trays.
  • Different types and various lengths of infeed conveyor (for continuous run version).
  • “No Product - No bag” function.
  • “Misplaced product - Double Bag” function.
  • Photoelectric sensor for centring of print registered film (continuous run version).
  • Double self-centring film roll holders.
  • Right to Left oriented machine.
  • Stainless Steel model for wet environments.

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