FM 500 flow pack wrapper (HFFS)

Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS) that makes a totally hermetic three sealing pillow pack for fresh food in modified atmosphere (MAP). Up to 250 products/min.

A new machine for MAP packaging in a high-speed modified atmosphere, capable of packaging up to 250 products/min. Mainly aimed at applications in the meat, cheese, ready meal and baked goods sectors, among others, which require a guarantee and safety when it comes to packaging, whether with or without a modified atmosphere.

The machine is equipped with an LD (Long Dwell) cross sealing head, which thanks to its long sealing time and its revolving movement is capable of guaranteeing the airtightness of the packaging at high levels of production.

As a result, the machine assembly is extremely robust and reliable, which is necessary for guaranteeing proper operation at these levels of production.

This new model was designed to meet the hygiene and cleanliness requirements of the target sectors, incorporating highly rustproof and waterproof elements, as well as designs that minimise points where residues and dirt can accumulate.

The machine is controlled via an industrial PC with a 10" HMI touchscreen, facilitating both its use by the operator through graphic icons and the connectivity of the machine with the productive environments.

  • Electronic machine with independent servomotors that are synchronised
  • Frame made of stainless steel in a hygienic design, with the independent
    electrical cabinet built into it.
  • Infeed system with washable "Open Frame" design, so that it can be cleaned
    directly with a water jet.
  • Front-loading reel holder with pneumatic reel fastening system to facilitate
    film roll loading.
  • Longitudinal welding system designed to achieve hermetic seals at high
    speed, with an adjustment system for different films from the HMI.
  • Cross sealing system by "Long Dwell" sealing head, designed to achieve
    hermetic seals at high production rates.
  • Control panel for the machine located on a movable arm to facilitate access
    for the operator. Featuring a 10" colour touchscreen to facilitate its use by
    the operator.


  • Top and Bottom reel versions.
  • Versions for different films (laminated barrier films, BDF barrier shrink films, etc.)
  • Inline residual oxygen analyser systems.
  • "Easy-Tape" system to facilitate the automatic reel change.
  • Different automatic infeed systems
  • Ethernet connection for data acquisition, VNC, production control systems, etc.


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