FR 400 flow pack wrapper (HFFS)

The FR 400 machine has been designed to be integrated into medium and high speed packaging systems.

Mainly focused to bakery, confectionery and biscuits applications, this machine is a general use flow wrapper allowing to pack a wide range of products in different sectors (soaps,personal care prouducts, …).

The machine has been specially conceived to be integrated into automatic packaging systems, so the machine has a sturdy construction and high reliability for high requirements demanded by these applications. Its control system has also been designed for ease of operation and connectivity with other ancilliary and general productivity equipment.

  • Painted steell cantilever construction with its independent electric cabinet.
  • Electronic machine equipped with independent servomotors synchronized by an electronic multi-axis control.
  • Infeed conveyor with chain at one side to avoid dirt accumulation.
  • Top reel holder with pneumatic reel fastening and automatic reel change.
  • Long sealing system by four pairs of sealing rollers with a tiltable first pair..
  • Motorized belt system at exit belt.
  • Empty and badly sealed package rejector.
  • 10" touch screen With graphic icons to adjust machine parameters, diagnostics and reporting.