FV 35 flow pack wrapper (HFFS)

Horizontal FLOW-VAC® type Flow Wrapper (HFFS) that a vacuum pack from a single shrink and barrier film. For processed and smoked meat as well as cheese. It is also a suitable machine for pork and lamb meat.

The FLOW-VAC® system has been developed by ULMA Packaging to create a vacuum shrink bag around the product to be packed.

The new FV 35 system offers an entry level solution at a very competitive investment level, for those applications that require the automation of the vacuum packing process.

The ULMA FV 35 machine is a bottom reel packaging machine, that feeds the CRYOVAC® barrier roll stock film beneath the level of the product feeding line. The CRYOVAC® barrier film unwinds off the reel as the product moves into the longitudinal seal head system, which prevents the transverse seal being contaminated as the product does not come into contact with the seal area.

The vacuum bag is formed around the product and a full hermetic seal is formed along the length of the bag (longitudinal seal). All excess material from the longitudinal seal is removed from the package via a film scrap removal system. This provides a shrink bag with excellent aesthetics thanks to the narrow longitudinal seal.

The FLOW-VAC® system senses the beginning of each product and indexes the incoming product automatically. The end seal (transverse seal) is a very reliable high quality fully hermetic seal.

Designed for the Fresh Food industry, fully manufactured in Stainless Steel, the FV 35 is the perfect solution for the automation of the vacuum packing process, while offering a high level of flexibility.

  • High flexibility.
  • Process automation.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Less material usage.
  • Reduced labour requirements.
  • Less seal contamination.
  • Less vacuum leakages.


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