PV-550 flow pack wrapper (HFFS)

Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS) that makes a three sealing pillow pack for irregular or difficult to drag products. Optionally can make modified atmosphere (MAP) packing.

PV-550 LSH I X / PV-550 SPH I X machines form a family of packing machines with a film coil at the lower part of the machine. This is the reason why they are specially recommended for irregular or difficult to drag products.

This model is strong, easy to use and reliable, as all ULMA machines are, but it also is highly versatile in format change and has a wide range of versions which guarantee the perfect adaptation of the machine to the needs of each application.

Their great flexibility and reliability make them a family largely implemented in general food market and specially valuable in agriculture, meat processing, dairy sector, etc.

  • Made of stainless steel and materials protected with anticorrosive treatment.
  • Working sense : from right to left.
  • PV-550 LSH I X version
    - Cross-welding with horizontal fillet clamp.
    - Longitudinal welding system with three pairs of rollers for welding and longitudinal film dragging.
  • PV-550 SPH I X version
    - Cross-welding with "thread type" welding clamp.
    - "Thread type" longitudinal welding system with conic welding and film cutting rollers, with motor-driven sytem for film remnant winding.
  • 550 mm. Wide LSH-type (long welding) cross-welding head.
  • Motor-driven regulation of longitudinal welding system height.
  • Double autocentring coil support.
  • 2 meter-long feeding unit.
  • Mould with stretchable former.
  • Package length adjustment according to product length.
  • "No product", "No package" and "Badly located product in clamps" functions.
  • Liquid crystal (LCD) screen for machine parameter adjustment, diagnosis and information of machine state.
  • Parameter memory storage : up to 20 products.
  • Different types and lengths of feeding unit.
  • Photocell for printed film centring.
  • Gas injection system (PV-550 LSH I X).
  • Waste oxygen analyser (PV-550 LSH I X).
  • Different automatic feeding systems.
  • Version for low density polyethylene (LDPE).

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