Modular design semiautomatic sleeve wrapping machine to wrap with shrink film a great range of individual productos and groups.

Semiautomatic sleeve wrapper ULMA brand, model SVS 60x35, of modular design, to wrap with flat shrink film a great range of individual products and groups. 

The sleeve wrapping machines work with two flat rolls of film, cross sealed. Complete closing of the pack is not needed.

  • Maximum product height: 350 mm.
  • Productions up to 600 cycles / h depending on product and film.
  • Stainless steel in feed table.
  • Powered reel holders (top and bottom).
  • Manual placement of products over the in feed table. Pneumatic cylinder with paddle activated by buttons.
  • Pneumatic seal.
  • Sealing and cutting with hot clamp with electronic regulation of temperature. Low maintenance of the sealing clamp.
  • Automatic cut and seal cycle when the paddle goes backwards.
  • Safety system in the sealing clamp to protect the operator and/or the product.
  • Pneumatic presser over the exit table to hold the product during the cutting and sealing process.
  • Stainless steel exit table with gravity rollers.
  • Control panel of simple use for all machine functions.
  • Machine of modular design. Heavy duty frame construction made on painted and laminated steel tube.
  • Wheels and height adjustable legs for transport and positioning.
  • Machine orientation: from right to left.
  • Easy access to all elements.
  • Electric cabinet with ventilation.
  • Protections and safety systems according to CE norms.

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