SMART 500 traysealer

Semiautomatic traysealing machines for all kind of preformed trays. Can make modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum packing. Manual tray transport system with medium-high performance level.

Construction Features:

  • Manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Programmable logic control system SIEMENS.
  • LCD parameter and status display.
  • Error message display.
  • Conforms to International "CE" safety codes, and ISO 9001 quality standards.

Ease of Operation:

  • Automatic cycling.
  • Programmable for data up to 20 set-ups.
  • Quick format change without the use of hand tools.
  • Adjustable time control for tray ejection.


  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Easily removable covers.
  • Access to all machine components by removable covers.
  • Electrical compliance to IP 65 for ease of sanitation.
  • Vacuum system with digital vacuum control.
  • Gas flushing system.
  • Printed film centering system.
  • Date coders.
  • Liquid separator.
  • Cantilever film roll support.
  • Gas accumulator surge tank.
  • Maximum tray height 120 mm / 4.7".
  • Vacuum pumps: 63 or 100 m3/h (internally mounted).
  • Accessories for ease of chamber size change.
  • Speed controls for handling liquids and sauces.