Agrodanieli opts for ULMA Packaging to incorporate state-of-the-art packaging solutions for the new products it is launching onto the market

Apr 28, 2021
This regional leading company in the Brazilian agri-food industry has incorporated the new FS 400 horizontal flow pack wrapping machine for meat and poultry products on trays for the new product it is launching: the first chicken with Omega-3 in Brazil.

The Agrodanieli Group, a major regional company in Brazil's agri-food sector that currently employs over 2,400 people, is strongly committed to producing food across the entire agro-industrial chain and it is a leader in the segments in which it operates. It covers all of the production processes, from the feed that is converted into food to the creation, slaughter and processing of the end product. Danieli Alimentos' products are sold nationwide in Brazil and they are exported to South America, the Middle East and the Asian continent.

Thanks to its intensive work in research and development, focused on its goal of producing high-quality food, aided by operating across the entire agro-industrial chain, and with the knowledge that the market is demanding healthier products that improve quality of life, Agrodanieli launched onto the market the only chicken with Omega-3 in Brazil. To achieve this, it provides a diet that is enriched with Omega-3-based feed, developed by the company and initially distributed to a total of 60 selected farms, each with their own integrated systems and with modern, fully automated aviaries.

Essential for health, Omega-3 is a fatty acid from the family of polyunsaturated fats; these are healthier thanks to the benefits that they provide for cardioprotection, immune function and inflammatory diseases. However, as our bodies are unable to form this type of fatty acid, we need to ensure its intake through food.

Cutting-edge packaging technology and food safety

And the innovation does not stop there. It includes a seasoned line, Danieli Alimentos' first in the chicken segment, and a frozen food line, whose presentation and packaging have been completely redesigned. With ULMA Packaging's technology, this and Danieli Alimentos' other chicken cut-up lines now offer a revolutionary system that is not only transforming their visual appeal, but also having a fundamental effect on food safety and the consumer's shopping experience.

ULMA Packaging's new FS 400 horizontal flow pack wrapping machine provides a stretch shrink film packaging system designed to ensure exceptionally well-presented leakproof packs. The new packaging is hermetically sealed, making it tamper-proof, as the material used is extremely strong, thin and uses 30% less plastic for tray sealing, helping to protect the environment. The material improves the at-the-shelf handling of the trays and prevents consumers from getting their hands dirty. Transparent and glossy, it is highly permeable and prevents any condensation from internal moisture, ensuring that the product remains fresh for longer.

Agrodanieli chose ULMA Packaging Brazil for this cutting-edge installation, with its strong service structure and technical support and a team of professionals who are dedicated to meeting every need of the client and the project, making it the ideal technology partner when undertaking large-scale projects.

Highly reliable system and packs

The wrapping machine used for this packaging, the FS 400 flow pack model, uses a stretch shrink film and it removes the air from inside the packaging before sealing it, avoiding any need to perforate the film before shrinking it. The seals used for sealing the packs are strong and reliable, allowing printing to be performed at the top and bottom of the pack (360º). This results in a tightly packed product, preventing any leakage of liquids and ensuring an outstanding presentation.

This new equipment enables the automatic packaging of up to 60 trays per minute, replacing the manual process that had been used previously.

The wrapping machine has a high degree of protection against water and it is designed to meet the non-oxidising requirements and ease of cleaning and sanitisation required in the sector. It also has features designed to improve the application operation and facilitate the work of the operator and maintenance staff, allowing you to reduce the system's TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and increase your return on investment, as it reduces maintenance costs and makes it easier to use and sanitise the equipment.

Traceability and consumer information

In addition to these new products, Agrodanieli has also implemented a QR code to show consumers all of the information about the product's traceability: the chickens that laid the eggs, the incubator, the producer who bred the chicken, the location of the aviary, the date of slaughter and additional information about Omega-3 and the feed used.

With this new product, Agrodanieli is showing its commitment to product quality, food safety and technology, meeting the modern needs of the market. Through this new packaging process, it has managed to extend the shelf life of the product and give it a more appealing appearance.