Ecológica de los Pirineos, a firm commitment to sustainable packaging

Nov 18, 2021
ULMA Packaging, supplier of packaging equipment to the company since its foundation, has become its technology partner, accompanying it on the road to sustainability

This company sells organic beef and lamb, so, in accordance with its business philosophy, sustainability has always been –and continues to be– one of its priorities. Ecológica de los Pirineos was founded in 2004 by two entrepreneurs from local farming families, to ensure the sale price of livestock raised by their families and other farmers in the area. From La Pobla del Segur (Lleida-Spain), they sell their certified organic meat through retailers, always with a firm commitment to product quality and guarantee of origin.

As it is a specialty meat product, sold as a pre-packaged product (PPP), the packaging is particularly important and must ensure the longest possible shelf life. That is why the company opted for skin packaging right from the start. New technologies have gradually been incorporated, being a company that is always at the forefront in terms of product packaging and preservation, as well as using sustainable materials for this.

Ecológica de los Pirineos has always trusted ULMA Packaging to fit out its facilities. The first machine to be incorporated was a traysealer, choosing an ULMA Packaging machine for its excellent quality, value for money and service. From this point onwards, a close relationship based on trust, communication and teamwork has been established between the customer and the machinery supplier, making advances in developing new equipment to meet evolving production requirements. ULMA, which is at the forefront of the development of sustainable packaging, has proven to be the ideal partner for this new challenge, as it shares the same concern for sustainability. This synergy has been harnessed to develop sustainable packaging that guarantees the preservation of the meat. Ecológica de los Pirineos currently has a range of packaging lines working at full capacity. Thanks to this partnership, the company has the most innovative equipment on the market and has reinforced its commitment to sustainable packaging. All with the reliability and support of ULMA Packaging's Technical Service.

At the forefront of sustainable packaging

As Marc Chimisana, one of the managers at Ecológica de los Pirineos, says, "in line with our company philosophy, we want to be at the forefront in all aspects related to sustainable packaging, and ULMA Packaging, over all these years of collaboration, has become our technology partner in order to achieve this. We are clear that the future lies in replacing current materials with other more sustainable ones, using biodegradable and recyclable trays... and reducing the amount of plastic in packaging. That is why we work hand-in-hand with ULMA Packaging to improve our equipment and launch innovative packaging solutions on the market that add value for our customers, who, by choosing our products, are also committing to an organic food model that is more environmentally friendly".

One of the latest machines to be incorporated is the TSA 875 LeafSkinTM, a traysealer for vacuum packaging on flat cardboard. This machine allows sustainable packaging with an 80% reduction in the amount of plastic used compared to the usual/conventional packaging.

Traysealing steak LeafSkin TSA 875 (522925) 768px.jpg
Organic steak in LeafSkin™ produced using the TSA 875 traysealer with a flat cardboard tray


The company also has other models, such as the TFS 200 MSV thermoformer, which produces both modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging using sustainable materials. 

Thermoforming hamburger TFS 200 MSV (522924) 768px.jpg

Organic hamburger vacuum packaging produced in the versatile TFS 200 MSV thermoformer, with a flexible paper base


The company's range of equipment also includes several traysealers, used to produce single-material plastic trays with modified atmosphere or skin packaging, as well as flexible film thermoformers for the packaging of beef cuts.

For Ecológica de los Pirineos, which is committed to organic and sustainable production, reducing the amount of plastic in packaging and using compostable materials such as sugar cane and other biodegradable materials in trays is a priority. This is a significant challenge given the importance of having efficient, safe and sustainable packaging in the food industry, but one it is addressing successfully together with ULMA.

Ecológica de los Pirineos has always been one step ahead in packaging trends, and this new challenge of sustainability has led to it reinforcing its relationship of trust and collaboration with ULMA, a supplier of cutting-edge packaging equipment.