Green Factory Group - Packaging optimisation with the VENTURI™ system

Jun 27, 2023

Green Factory Group is a Polish company that produces ready-to-eat food and has a strong commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. In 2019, they started working closely with ULMA Packaging with the aim of developing packaging for salads and they installed several traysealers.

The reputation gained by this packaging within the sector, combined with the strong relationship established with ULMA, resulted in the launch of a new project for leafy sprouts.


Green Factory Group's challenge was to optimise its packaging and reduce the amount of film it used, and to minimise product losses during the packaging process. The company also had a strong focus on sustainability and wanted to find solutions aligned with its "We are Green" ESG strategy.

According to Green Factory Group's "We are Green" ESG strategy, this is based on four pillars: Let's Protect the Planet, Let's Protect the Product, Let's Protect Communities and Let's Protect People. The partnership with ULMA Packaging is fully aligned with this strategy, as the packaging solutions we have implemented help to reduce its environmental impact, optimise its resources and maintain the quality of its products.


The benefits of ULMA's VENTURITM system for the vertical bagging of fresh herbs and light leafy salads persuaded Green Factory to buy several VTC 840 high-output vertical machines for its leafy sprout packaging process. 

These wrappers have features such as:

  • A hygienic design that facilitates cleaning processes
  • Simple maintenance and ease of use
  • Reliability and robustness to ensure airtight packaging that keeps the product in optimal conditions


The roll-out of the ULMA machines with VENTURITM technology had a major impact on the Green Factory Group. The company was able to optimise its packaging, thereby reducing costs and minimising food waste.

The VENTURITM system allows:

  • Increase output by 10% - 15%.
  • Significantly reduce downtime due to product bottlenecks.
  • Optimize line OEE by dramatically reducing bags trapped in jaws.

Future and cooperation

The successful partnership between Green Factory Group and ULMA Packaging has built confidence for the future and is paving the way for further cooperation on other projects. Both companies share similar values and goals regarding sustainability and efficiency, allowing them to continue working together to develop innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions for the ready-to-eat food industry.