Orogel optimizes its production capacity for sustainable packaging of frozen vegetables through ULMA's BETTER-SEAL™ system

Jul 18, 2023
OROGEL is an Agricultural Cooperative Society, which was set up in Cesena in 1967 by an association of 11 farmers who wanted to join forces with the aim of getting the most out of their crops, leading to the creation of the Fruttadoro Consortium. Orogel is now the leading Italian company in the production of fresh and frozen vegetables, with more than 1600 members/producers.




“For our packaging departments, we wanted packaging machines that were capable of producing bags at a high output rate, that were technologically innovative while at the same time being highly robust and reliable, so they could handle work shifts 6 days a week, 24 hours a day”, remarked Doctor Michele Fantini, Production Manager.

Among other requirements, Orogel's also needed to acquire machines that were capable of delivering outstanding flexibility and versatility, with a particular focus on cutting-edge packaging materials.


Always keen to accommodate its customers' needs, ULMA suggested a highly innovative solution for Orogel:
The BETTER-SEALTM sealing system is part of the WeCare technology, aimed at improving sustainable packaging. BETTER-SEALTM can overcome any sealing problems that arise from the use of new sustainable materials, which require better temperature control accuracy and do not require any format changes in the machine.


Orogel also wanted to produce bags that would meet the highest aesthetic standards, while ensuring optimal seal tightness. “We were able to meet all these requirements because we chose ULMA as our packaging partner, in fact there are now 8 ULMA machines in operation in our production plants, in addition to the 2 machines ordered this year for the new plant in Policoro", noted Doctor Michele Fantini, Production Manager.