Quality and sustainability, hand in hand: Agrosigo and ULMA Packaging are shaping the future of efficient packaging

Feb 15, 2024
A strategic partnership focused on quality, sustainability and efficiency in premium product packaging. Agrosigo has been implementing sustainable practices. These include installing solar panels, which cover 45% of its energy consumption needs through green technologies. This strong commitment to sustainability is reflected in the company's continuous shift towards adopting responsible packaging practices. It is also illustrated by its choice of supplier, ULMA Packaging, this time with a thermoforming machine that optimises energy efficiency. This decision reflects its commitment to cutting-edge technologies, underpinned by the reliability and quality that we have delivered for over 15 years. This partnership not only ensures visual quality but also increased productivity. This collaboration demonstrates how quality and sustainability can be combined to create excellent, environmentally friendly products, setting new standards in the food industry.

Comercializadora Agrosigo S.A.S is an outstanding company with more than four decades of experience, delivering the best farm-to-fork products. Through its premium brand, CATALÁN, Agrosigo produces and sells the finest meat products from the Antioquia region, serving the whole country.

Since its inception, the company has built its success by taking a holistic approach, covering everything from the genetics of each individual animal to the superior quality of its animals' feed: a proprietary concentrate, naturally fertilised grass and cereals. This work also includes taking meticulous care of its livestock and farms, catering for the most discerning palates. Over the years, guaranteeing the quality of its products has always been its top priority. It has achieved this by incorporating, adapting and developing sustainable and environmentally friendly processes. This commitment also honours the tradition of our land, protecting and preserving it. One of Agrosigo's top priorities is to protect the ecosystem on each of its farms as part of its holistic approach to sustainability.

Comercializadora Agrosigo products packaged using ULMA Packaging technology and machinery 

Comercializadora Agrosigo products packaged using ULMA Packaging technology and machinery.


Comercializadora Agrosigo S.A.S. has been actively integrating sustainability into its processes, making it a key element of its corporate ethos. This shift is reflected in its implementation of practices that have allowed it to reduce its carbon footprint significantly. One example of this is the installation of solar panels at its plants, which cover up to 45% of its day-to-day energy consumption needs, a real testament to its commitment to reducing its environmental impact. It has also adopted green technologies that reinforce its message, reaffirming its market differentiation.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the company is continuing to take decisive steps in its drive for a responsible and efficient approach. In this instance, the focus is on the packaging of its products, a phase that requires the same standard of excellence as its flagship brand: CATALÁN. This commitment is not only reflected in the reputation we have gained in the Colombian market, but also in our strong partnership, spanning more than fifteen years. During this time, Agrosigo has been placing its trust in our technologies, technical support and after-sales service, key elements that have been instrumental in the overall success of the operations.

Agrosigo acknowledges, recognises and values our differential value by continuing to choose ULMA Packaging as its main supplier of packaging solutions. They have already installed two of our machines in their plant, the most recent being a highly versatile thermoforming machine, which is one of the most cutting-edge on the market. We are the key partner that supports its new lines and ongoing projects.

This versatile thermoforming machine delivers packaging ranging from modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to vacuum packaging. Its use not only optimises energy efficiency, but also results in significant optimisation of the plastic film in each unit. Adopting the TFS 300 has also led to an increase in productivity by reducing working hours, thanks to its speed of 10 cycles/minute. These improvements are not only evident in the enhanced visual presentation of the products, but they also ensure that their quality is consistently maintained without sacrificing their high standards. The versatility, ease of operation and user-friendliness of this technology made it the ideal choice. Reaffirming our commitment to provide packaging solutions tailored to each of our customers' needs.


The company applies its commitment to sustainability to every stage of its operations. Values such as sustainability, environmental and social impact, and family well-being are central to every stage of its operations. It has a clear goal: to provide the market with products of the highest quality and standard, where excellence is imbued in every last detail.

Martin Sierra, CEO of Comercializadora Agrosigo S.A.S, strongly agrees with the importance of and commitment to sustainable development processes: “We remain committed to protecting and preserving the ecosystems that surround us. Our goal is not only to obtain the most advanced systems, machinery and applications, but also to have the best suppliers to ensure efficiency and quick responses. We have found the perfect partner in ULMA Packaging; we have known them for several years and their technologies and team are a perfect match for the huge project we are carrying out.”

In the words of Mr Sierra, we are a reliable, safe and efficient option: “This is a hugely important purchase for us. We've not only invested in versatility, but also in peace of mind, quality and responsiveness. We recognise that this new equipment will not only enable us to carry out a variety of applications, but also significantly improve the presentation of our products, avoiding any reprocessing, ensuring continuous production and guaranteeing food safety.”

Fabio Ríos, Managing Director of ULMA Packaging Colombia, Xabier Arregui, Area Manager of LATAM ULMA Packaging and Martin Sierra, CEO of Agrosigo.

Fabio Ríos, Managing Director of ULMA Packaging Colombia (left), Xabier Arregui, Area Manager of LATAM ULMA Packaging (centre) and Martin Sierra, CEO of Agrosigo (right).


During the ANDINA PACK trade fair and the first ever edition of the ULMA Colombia Awards, we presented Mr Sierra with the award for outstanding production performance. We commend the efforts that Comercializadora Agrosigo S.A.S. has made in the area of sustainability whilst also emphasising that the processes and adjustments implemented in this area have not reduced the productivity and quality of its products. Quite the contrary, we can safely say that they have significantly improved their production efficiency.

This partnership is a testament to how quality, sustainability and efficiency can be combined to create premium products that please consumers while also caring for the planet. This partnership not only highlights the shared vision of both companies, but is also setting the standard for the food industry in Colombia. Together, we are building a future where quality and responsibility are intertwined in every step of the process.

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Presentation of ULMA Colombia Awards | Xabier Arregui, Area Manager of LATAM ULMA Packaging (left), Martin Sierra, CEO of Agrosigo (centre) and Fabio Ríos, Managing Director of ULMA Packaging Colombia (right).