Rolidar is advancing in packaging automation and improving the presentation of its products with ULMA

Jul 26, 2023
Rolidar S.A. was founded in 1976 and specialises in the production and distribution of different types of products. As CEO, Walter Bragoni has led the company with a vision of continuous growth and technological advances.


Over the years, Rolidar S.A. has looked to improve operational efficiency by exploring new technologies and innovations. One of the main challenges it faced was optimising its production processes for blocks of margarine and guaranteeing the highest standards of presentation and hygiene for its products.


As indicated by Walter Bragoni, CEO of Rolidar S.A., to tackle its automation and packaging needs, the company decided to turn to ULMA, an outstanding supplier of packaging solutions and machinery. ULMA's experience in industry and its reputation for quality made it the ideal partner to help Rolidar S.A. achieve its goals.

Rolidar S.A. worked hand-in-hand with ULMA's team to assess requirements and design a suitable solution. ULMA offered the flow pack Sienna packaging machine, a state-of-the-art automatic horizontal HFFS packaging machine for switching from a manual system to a fully automatic packaging process, guaranteeing the aseptic handling of products.


The collaboration with ULMA produced remarkable results for Rolidar S.A. 

  1. Increase in production capacity: the implementation of ULMA's machinery allowed Rolidar S.A. to integrate the entire margarine production and subsequent packaging process in-line.

  2. Increase in line efficiency with optimised production processes that improve OEE.

  3. Optimised labour resources, redistributing them to other processes with greater added value.

  4. Quality in the presentation and hygiene of the product. The absence of handling, together with an attractive packaging finish, resulted in the product reaching the market in optimal conditions, leaving a positive impression on customers and enhancing the brand's reputation.

ULMA's commitment to providing excellent customer service went far beyond the installation of the machinery. Its support during start-up and its ongoing assistance have been instrumental in maintaining equipment efficiency and addressing any operational concerns quickly. ULMA's continuous support has strengthened the partnership between the two companies and has contributed to the growth and sustained success of Rolidar S.A.

Ultimately, through its collaboration with ULMA, Rolidar S.A. achieved significant improvements in its automation, product presentation and overall operational efficiency. As a result, the company has been able to offer high-quality products to customers while consolidating its position in the market. This successful case study is a testament to the positive impact that strategic partnerships and innovative solutions can have on a company's growth and development.