Villani Salumi chooses ULMA as its trusted partner for sliced cold meat packaging

Jun 20, 2024
Villani Salumi is a historic family business founded in 1886 in Castelnuovo Rangone, in the province of Modena. From its beginnings, it has been dedicated to the production of cold cuts from a diverse selection of regions in Italy. Today, it is one of the leading brands in the production of high-quality cold cuts. Under the guidance of a family that has passed down the passion for cold meat production, the Villani group continues to grow: in 2022, it surpassed 146 million euros in revenue and is present in more than 10,000 points of sale in Italy and worldwide.


The main challenge faced by Villani was to deliver its product to customers' homes in optimal condition, preserving the highest quality and freshness until consumption. To achieve this, a versatile packaging machine was required, capable of working with different tray formats, materials, and modified atmospheres, specifically suited to the requirements of each type of cold cuts.

This was precisely one of the keys to the project: creating different packages with specific characteristics to preserve each type of cold cut in the best conditions possible.

"Our ultimate goal was to preserve the product's quality for as long as possible, so we needed high-tech packaging machines capable of using a wide range of specific materials with dedicated modified atmospheres." Mr. Albanese, Production Manager of cooked and sliced cold cuts.


To tackle this challenge, ULMA proposed its TSA 875 tray sealers, one of the most technologically advanced models with a production capacity of up to 22 cycles per minute. An ideal machine to be integrated into automatic lines and medium-high productions. Its versatility, design, and output made it the perfect candidate to meet Villani's proposed challenge.

The versatility of the TSA 875 tray sealers offers a wide range of possibilities in the use of different top films and trays. Additionally, its high productivity and reliability met Villani's production needs.

"With ULMA's packaging machines, we have found the flexibility and technological innovation we were looking for, as well as a team of people who share Villani's goal of achieving maximum customer satisfaction." Mr. Albanese, Production Manager of cooked and sliced cold cuts.

  • Versatility in packaging.
  • Long-term robustness and reliability.
  • Ease of format changes.
  • Simplicity of maintenance and cleaning.


Today, the Italian brand has a total of 6 TSA 875 traysealers at its factory, with an annual production exceeding 10 million trays. The collaboration between Villani and ULMA has enabled the global expansion of the brand without sacrificing any quality or freshness of its products.

  • Increased productivity: 10 million trays/year.
  • Integration with auxiliary machinery: labellers and quality control systems.
  • Improvement in product distribution and logistics.
  • Product traceability.

The success achieved reflects the excellent teamwork and shared commitment between Villani and ULMA.

Our shared passion for product quality and service excellence strengthens our dedication to productivity and reliability, creating an alliance based on mutual trust and the constant pursuit of perfection.