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Technologies aimed at improving sustainability through innovation

The #ULMAweCare project has the backing of ULMA Packaging Technological Center, where a team of over 50 engineers works on a range of research and development projects with the support of the University and different technology centres.
It is a 6.500 m² technology complex focused on developing and researching machinery and packaging applications, with an area set aside to develop new sustainable solutions.

Thanks to R-SkinTM technology, ULMA Packaging has managed to use much thinner trays without affecting the finish of the package, which is highly important, especially for many premium products.
With R-SkinTM, we have succeeded in making this technology the most sustainable packaging solution for skin traysealing. R-SkinTM makes it possible to use much thinner PET trays, reducing their thickness by up to 50%.


BETTER-SEALTM is a new technology that ensures stable, precise temperatures in the machines' sealing elements, allowing these new materials to be used seamlessly in sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions.


LeafSkinTM is our packaging solution with up to 80% less plastic. It is based on a 100% recyclable flat cardboard tray in which all materials are fully separable. Not only does it extend the product's shelf life, but also brings additional benefits, such as fluid retention. This slows down microbial growth, and adds the option to use vertical formats.


LeafMAPTM is our packaging solution that reduces plastic by up to 80%. It is based on a 100% recyclable flat cardboard tray in which all materials are fully separable. It is ideal for sliced products requiring a controlled atmosphere in order to preserve their shelf life. 


LeafShrinkTM is a packaging solution aimed at sliced products, both dairy and meat, which are packaged in a controlled atmosphere to increase their shelf life. Its main benefits are its reduction up to 85% of plastic compared to traditional packaging solutions, 100% recyclable flat cardboard tray and the ultra-thin shrink wrap film. The packaging waste that is generated is 100% recyclable when separated according to the respective recycling circuits. It also offers an easy-open via an adhesive label that tears the packaging, making it very convenient to open.


FLOW-VAC® is a bottom reel machine in which the film is introduced below the product loading line level. This essentially prevents any contamination of the packaging's sealing area. It produces a shrink pack in line with product length, optimising the amount of plastic film used compared to traditional oversized preformed vacuum bag packs.


ReducedScrapTM is a CRYOVAC® Darfresh® packaging solution to reduce film scrap, creating a vacuum inside the packaging through specially designed holes in the base film.


Tight-BagTM has been developed in ULMA's vertical wrappers in order to preserve product quality and optimise bag volume. The number of bags per box is therefore maximised in the secondary packaging stage, minimising the carbon footprint associated with product logistics.


VenturiTM was developed in ULMA's vertical wrappers and works by suction-pulling the product to the bottom of the bag without damaging it, eradicating the problem of product blockages often found in conventional packaging machinery.
This means that the vertical weighing and packaging of certain products can be automated instead of using manual horizontal wrapping machines.


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